Dance Group

Each year at Owairoa Primary School we have three dance groups, one made up of Year 3 and 4 students, while the other two are made up of Year 5 and 6 students. The groups contain up to 20 students each. These children get the opportunity to perform at regional festivals, school assemblies and of course the Owairoa Gala.
From Year 0 to Year 6 the whole school participates in ‘Jump Jam’ as part of our fitness programme. This is an aerobics type dance which is great for improving coordination and the children just love it. The songs are up beat and each dance contains simple moves that are repetitive and therefore easy to learn. This makes the experience a positive one for children with no dance experience yet still enjoyable for more confident dancers.
In the classroom children also learn about dance in Performing Arts units. During such stages of learning the students are exposed to a range of styles, for example jazz, hip hop and folk dancing. Children are able to experience each style and will learn how this fits into a social context, for example the Pasifika influence on New Zealand hip hop. During the year the Senior school put on productions, and at the end of the year the Junior school put on concerts, all of which include some dance so that children are given the opportunity to show case their learning.

Kapa Haka

This year has marked the start of another exciting year of Kapa Haka at Owairoa Primary School. Again we have had so many children wanting to be a part of the prestigious groups and we ended up having to limit the groups to 60 students in the senior group and 40 in each of the Year 3 and 4 groups. Another highlight this year is the start of a Year 1 and 2 group enabling younger students to get a taste of what Kapa Haka is all about.  
Our goal is to learn a variety of songs (some new) to include in our brackets for the Koanga Festival and learn them well. The groups will also have opportunities to show what they have been learning at events such as the annual Grandparents Day, Maori Language Week and at their end of year prize-giving.
If there is anyone out in the community who would like to share their knowledge of Kapa Haka and would like to support the groups with their learning please  contact the school. We are always looking for new songs to sing and new actions to perform. 
In the mean time we will continue our journey of learning Kapa Haka as there are so many skills to be learnt and friendships to be made.


As part of the balanced education, the arts play a major role in our students’ education. Music is an integral part of the education. A mix of genres, cultural, traditional and contemporary music is taught in line with the NZ arts curriculum. As well as music being integrated into classroom programmes, the students attend one music class per week with our music specialist.

Our students love to sing! As well as annual musicals, each year, students are invited to join either the middle school choir or the senior choir, depending on their age. The senior choirs have been attending the esteemed APPA festival now for 18 years and have been invited to join in local community festivals and concerts, which they very much enjoy.
Our middle-school choir has also been attending the Susan Prentice Kids for Kids concert for some years. We just love our music!

Ukelele Allstars

We at Owairoa pride ourselves on providing a holistic programme and giving opportunities for children to grow in the Arts.
Children in the Middle School are encouraged to learn an instrument and perform in front of their peers and large groups. Once a week during lunch they are able to join the Ukulele group to learn basic chords, strum patterns, and how to care for their instrument. After children have learnt basic chords, they are encouraged to take a small group of new players, sharing their learning and passing on the gift of music to their peers.

After the basics have been learnt and their performance skills have been enhanced they can then join the world famous 'Owairoa Ukulele Allstars".  This year our Ukulele Allstars have been invited to perform at the Bucklands Beach Intermediate Winter Wonderland Concert, which will be our biggest performance to date.



The school caters to prospective young actors by facilitating specialist Drama education in their schooling. Mr Barrett, the drama teacher will guide them through a range of drama activities and performances building self-confidence and ability to take risks and trust their ideas and abilities. 


Drama classes at Owairoa promote cooperation and collaboration as well and improving voice projection, language fluency and articulation of words as well as creative thinking.


At senior level there is the opportunity to take part in school productions and concerts to extend and cater to rising stars.