Education for Sustainability

Our students are learning to think and act in ways that safeguard the well-being of the people and the planet now and for the future.
Our Education for Sustainability (EfS) curriculum is about developing an attitude towards sustainability that is embedded within our school culture and helps us form and enrich the values of our students. Learning how to take action for the environment has developed from teacher directed and chosen ideas – known as the dimensions of education ‘in’ and ‘about’ the environment – to a more integrated, inquiry learning incorporating different curriculum areas – known as education ‘for’ the environment.
There are two main criteria for successful education ‘for’ the environment; putting our students at the centre of their learning and decision making; and ensuring our students get authentic learning opportunities.  
OPS have an interesting range of opportunities for our students; from learning how to keep chickens, becoming a worm educator, collecting Paper4Trees, Pink Bags and to being part of the Trees for Survival native tree planting programme. As part of their inquiry learning, students make a connection to their immediate and local environment by creating, developing and maintaining different habitats such as the Bushwalk, Butterfly Garden, and an orchard, plus various gardens for flowers, fruit and vegetables.
These authentic learning contexts give our students the opportunity to use their growing knowledge and understanding to take action in a way that is significant and meaningful to them.

EfS Education for Sustainability Photo Gallery


Please view our Photos in our EfS Education for Sustainability Photo Gallery

This shows our progress throughout the year as we continue on our enviro journey towards Owairoa Primary School getting Green Gold status