The students of Owairoa are immersed in a rich Health and Physical Education curriculum. During the year there are a variety of school-wide sporting events: swimming sports, cross country, and athletics day. The top athletes from those events are chosen to represent the school at the HPPA Inter-school competition. Owairoa students have become well-known for their outstanding behaviour and sportsmanship when representing their school.


Weekly fitness lessons are taught with the aim of developing essential physiological skills as well as to raise the fitness level of each student as they gain an overall appreciation of health/hauora and physical well-being.


Each term the school’s Sports Specialist teaches specific skills, attitudes, and values through a variety of games, exercise, sports and movement activities. The children thoroughly enjoy these focused lessons.


There are numerous opportunities for children to join sports teams at the school. A large range of summer and winter sports are offered. The teams are involved in inter-school competitions during lunchtimes where they represent their school in their chosen sporting domain. The passion and enthusiasm these children have is outstanding.


There are also class competitions throughout the year, Fun Day tournaments for each sport, and numerous other organised sporting events which involve a wide range of children.


It’s great to see children getting involved in different sports and the personal mana they gain from their involvement in Owairoa sporting activities.